Violeta Bulc M.Sc,  founder and coordinator of InCo movement

Dear co-creators of the moment

The InCo International Conference on innovation ecosystems organized by the InCo movement, has successfully achieved its goals and fulfilled its mission.

It brought together 7 countries in an open discussion on the changes, opportunities and challenges that innovation, as the value-enabler is bringing to our society. It illustrated how big and dynamic the space of innovation is in many different areas, i.e., leadership, tools, structures, and also in diverse levels of society, i.e. businesses, communities, governments, politics…

Each of the contributors presented a new point of view, that brought more understanding of our behavior, and the needs of an innovation ecosystem, in order to be fully implemented. Different cultures, languages and historical backgrounds enrichen perceptions and development even further.

But there was also a strong sense of common ground: innovation is bringing to life dynamic structures that enable us humans to fully discover and manifest their core competences. The need for constant and ongoing creativity and innovation, is encouraging more than ever, cross structural and inter-hierarchical co-operation, and also to find new areas of market opportunity, to find new solutions to the challenges of today, for better social integration, and to be better tuned to the rhythms of nature and cosmic ecosystems.

I hope these articles, thoughts, provocative views and experiences, captured in this conference, will serve you well in your further exploration of social and business transformation of the 21st century.

Let's keep in touch. There is something so beautiful and constructive in global cooperation, one that is based on the pure incentive of being more balanced, connected and free.

Best regards,


Business Evolution (How value evolves)
Density of Consciousness (Why things happen)
Leadership Within (Do we still need to lead)

ISBN 978-961-91806-1-7