InLoCom is the program for the development of an innovative local community, which will enable all local community activists and participants to co-create an open, progressive space, based on innovation and sustainable development.
The program is based on InLoCom model through which we encourage potential, and skills of individuals, which are usually concealed and undeveloped at the local level. The model follows concepts of gradual pathbuilding, intensive communication and involvement of all in the process. According to experience, establishing an innovative local community is implemented in three
1. The sowing phase: it is essential all stakeholders are adequately educated, and taught teamwork and interstructural cooperation.
2. The growth phase: based on interstructural integration, key projects that will move thinking and progress of the local community forward will need to be identified.
3. The harvest phase: results must be communicated clearly and convincingly, new elements recognised and both, positive and negative aspects highlighted.
The post-phase step of re-harvesting is also important, for a solid foundations must be used for
further building.


  • promoting actoive participation the local community in the development of innovation,
  • transferring InLoCom model to various Slovenian local communities,
  • strengthening creativity, positive social capital, openness to change and cooperation among people,
  • promoting the role of innovation and personal creative potentials among the residents of local community,
  • establishing cooperation among stakeholders on the projects of local communities,
  • communicating innovative and successful stories from local communities,
  • recognition good practices of innovative local community and their promotion in international context,
  • promoting Slovenia as one of the important initiators of InLoCom model.

Ways of the implementation of the program:
  • implementation of InLoCom model in the Litija local community (a project Litija – Innovation Town’ was started in 2006 in the Litija Municipality, through cooperation between Vibacom and the Development Centre Litija),
  • educational workshops for residents of local communities about the role of innovation and personal creative potentials,
  • organisation of events about innovation in the local community,
  • cooperation between various projects, which connects different actively interested participants from the local community (workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences, systems of awards, web portals),
  • active cooperation in European and global networks for the development of innovative local community.