InJo is a program for encouraging innovative journalism in the media, and for raising the awareness of innovation among journalists, editors and media specialists.

The media are a node to which all ideas flow, and simultaneously, the means for maintaining a communication level among the innovation space interested parties. If attention is not directed towards innovation, society is slower to transform, and evolve, and thus at a disadvantage when it comes to competitive capability. The media can identify positive and negative effects of innovative breakthroughs and bring them to attention of all . With comprehensive professional contributions they can ensure a higher level of public consciousness, awareness and understanding of the long-term effects of progress and development.

The start of the InCo movement has its basis in the innovation journalism.


  • systematic education of journalists, editors and media specialist about the basis of innovation, the value of an innovative society and the role of media on encouragement of innovation,
  • transfer of global experiences from the field of innovation journalism to Slovenia and wider regions,
  • encouraging the role of media in encouraging innovation through the reporting on innovative stories,
  • presenting the tools and experiences for efficient communication ,
  • encouraging proffesional, and personal growth and development of journalists,
  • promoting Slovenia as an important initiator of innovation journalism development.

Ways of the implementation of the program:
  • organization of yearly regional conference on innovation journalism,
  • organization of a competition for the best journalistic contributions on the topic of innovation, these awards being called “InJo Awards” (the winner receives a prize in the form of sponsorship for travel and accommodation at the Innovation Journalism Conference at Stanford University),
  • cooperation at the selection of the Slovenian participant at the Innovation Journalism Fellowship programme at Stanford University (scholarship funded by the Slovene Human Resources and Scholarship Fund),
  • active cooperation of Slovenian representatives at the global Conference on innovation journalism at Stanford University,
  • presentation of InJo concept, InJo award and activities at various events related to media and journalism,
  • active involvement in European and global networks for the development of innovation journalism.