InCo Sci

InCo SCi is the initiative for the promotion of innovation communication within research&development institutions. It derives from the belief that these bodies and organisations, activities in the innovation space can contribute views that are outside the boundaries of the known, within their expert areas and present new paths and methods of operation.
Since their research and results are important for the development of society, it is very important they know how to communicate them succinctly. Which means that their scientific and expert conclusions need to be translated into the language of the general public, (stakeholders) that they are addressing (in addition to communication with their narrow scientific circles). This will enable easier cooperation with external bodies who will be thus enabled access to their thought processes, and at the same time be able to promptly integrate the results of these institutes into solutions for their own problems.


  • raising awarenes about the importance of dissemination of the results of the R&D projects,
  • encouraging interstructural cooperation between representatives of the institutes and others interested bodies,
  • supporting the implementation of innovation communication strategies for the promotion of scientist's and researcher's results, successful projects, methods and experiences,
  • promoting the successful Slovenian scientist at national and global level.

Ways of the implementation of the initiative:
  • promotion of successful Slovenian scientists to the national and global public through different media and personal presentations,
  • educational workshops and meetings on innovation communication strategies for the institutes,
  • consulting and professional support in implementation of innovation communication strategies in the R&D institutes.