InCo NGO is the initiative for the promotion of innovation and innovation communication in Non-Governmental Organisations.
In the innovation realm, Non-Governmental Organisations act as opinion formers whose activities primarily contribute to fertile conditions for the development of an individuals' creativity and integration, subsequently thereby creating a higher value system within society. They are often interwoven with local communities and enable the individuals’ contact with the creative world and thus provide the foundations for innovative breakthrough. Simultaneously, they act as sources of self-confidence for individuals by enabling them the opportunity to realise their talents and improve their skills.


  • raising awareness about the role of NGOs in the encouragement of individual's creativity and in the connection of the community,
  • educating NGo's about the role of creativity and innovation for society, and about the principles of innovative management which can be implemented in NGO's
  • supporting communication of non-governmental organizations with target interest groups,
  • promoting those successful Slovenian NGO's which are actually stimulating creativity of individuals and society.

Ways of the implementation of the initiative:
  • cooperation at the events organized by NGO's with the presentation of the role of innovation and sustainable development, and NGO's influence on the creative potentials of society,
  • educational workshops on innovation and innovation communication for the representatives of NGO's
  • consulting and professional support in implementation of innovation communication strategies in NGO's