InCo movement's initiatives

Based on philosophy, dialogue and experiences gained from projects implemented within the InCo movement in the fields of innovation communication and journalism, co-created by the initiators, partners, members and participants in events projects, we propose the following initiatives for an innovative breakthrough:
  1. Organise events for promoting creativity and innovation based on dialogue within individual stakeholders and among them;
  2. Document examples of best practices in the fields of creativity and innovation and promote exchange thereof;
  3. Encourage a more active role of the state and local communities in promoting innovation as the key to prosperity and sustainable development;
  4. Establish financial stimulation for innovative development of all stakeholders, especially in the field of effective innovation communication;
  5. Promote the development of creativity in educational processes and strengthen communication abilities and team work of the youth;
  6. Implement modern systems and tools for development of innovation in organisations based on high-quality innovation communication strategies;
  7. Train and educate journalists and editors about the importance of innovation, the functioning of innovation systems and processes and the use of new information technologies and techniques for expression in the media world;
  8. Establish journalists’ networks at the local, national and global levels with the aim of exchanging stories and good practices;
  9. Encourage journalists to ‘learn’ the jargons of various stakeholders to improve understanding and the ability to recognise actual stories;
  10. Implement innovation communication strategies at the level of institutes with the aim of raising awareness about their activities, results, projects, work methods and experience;
  11. Develop communication strategies for non-governmental organisations with the aim of raising awareness about their activities and their roles in sustainable development;
  12. Ensure clearer communication for artists and the creative industry regarding the importance of their work for the development of an innovative society through understanding of jargons of other stakeholders.