InCo movement for an innovative breakthrough

The InCo movement is a movement for an innovative breakthrough whose aim is to promote active cross-structural dialogue and development of a thriving planet to support the new eco-civilization. InCo is an acronym of innovation communication which has grown from a concept into a movement connecting various stakeholders in society.

The InCo movement is a case of social innovation which by its uniqueness gives an important impulse in local and global space and shows the ways of future acting of civil society.

We invite all who want to co-create the innovative society to join us and become members, partners or sponsors.

Key focus is on the successful integration of innovation, intuition and systemic approaches.

InCo systemic approaches

The InCo movement has in years 2013/2014 investigated the potentials of SYSTEMIC APPROACHES for the personal development of individuals, and that of organizations and communities.

InCo intuition

The InCo movement has in 2012 started to discover a new subject matter - INTUITION with an aim to understand the role of intuition in the development of innovation ecosystems, creation of value, development of a responsible society and awakening of the potential of individuals.

InCo innovation

In the period 2006 to 2013 the InCo movement has researched in the field of INNOVATION. The main drivers were InCo programs. Additionally we have organized numerous national and international conferences and awarded InJo prizes for best journalistic contributions on the topic of innovation.


III. Expert Meeting: From inspiration to innovation (Experiential conference through 12 techniques)
Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme
Library of models of systemic approaches
The magic of the right thing - live
InCo book - The Magic of Contribution
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