InCo Intuition 2013

InCo movement in 2013 continues with research on intuition. With an aim to stimulate this energy, we present a program consisting of 7 events, meetings of members of InCo movement with a motto

Experiencing Intuition and examples from business practices

InCo framework


Partnerships in 2013

InCo movement has in April 2013 established cooperation with the Slovene-Dutch Business Platform (SDBP) and the Center of architecture. The aim of the partnerships is to find common points of interest, experience and knowledge exchange and cooperation on the project level.

Past InCo events in 2013

1st event: Gamma healing
Date of the event: 7.3.2013
Moderator of the event: Chris Walton
About Gamma healing
Interview with Chris Walton: New tools for personal growth

Chris`Gamma Healing webinars

2nd event: Go to the garden and think permacultural
Date of the event: 15.3.2013
Moderator of the event: Andreja Zupan
Location: Ulica na Grad 6, 1000 Ljubljana

What should be considered in the preparation of the garden, its energy balance? Which plants are a natural complement and cooperate effectively in the garden? How can we best exploit the natural flows (the movement of the sun, relief, water flows)? This and much more ...

3rd event: Intuition and space
Date of the event: 23.4.2013
Moderator of the event: Irena Kirn, MSc
Guest of the event: dr. Or Ettlinger, author of the book The Architecture of Virtual Space

Interview with dr. Or Ettlinger: Space and Intuition (Violeta`s blog)

4th event: Intuition - the power of consciousness
Date of the event: 13.5.2013
Moderator of the event: Darja Cvek Mihajlović

5th event: InCo movement future focus
Date of the event: 10.6.2013
Moderator of the event: Violeta Bulc, Msc

6th event: Clarification of InCo models
Date of the event: 30.8.2013 (from 12.00 to 15.00)
Moderator of the event: Violeta Bulc, Msc

2nd discussion of the The Managers' Association and InCo movement: Systematic thinking - the path to successful implementation of good ideas

Date of the event: 9.10.2013 from 13.00 - 17.30
Moderator of the event: Violeta Bulc, Msc
Location: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Dimičeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Purpose: The aim of the conference is to further understand the interdependencies between innovation, intuition and systematic thinking; allowing us to understand the pace of Slovenian space in this field and indicate the possibility of using knowledge to accelerate implementation of good ideas.

Some pictures from the event

Interesting video about Wealth inequality