InCo Intuition 2012


InCo movement has focused on research of intuitions in 2012 and has been upgrading the current work in the field of innovation. With an aim to stimulate this energy, we present a program consisting of 6 events, meetings of members of Inco movement with a motto

“Possible implementations of intuition in the business world"

InCo framework



FIRST MEETING: 26. January 2012

Topic of the meeting:»From unconscious to conscious in corporations«

Moderator of the event: psychotherapist Urska Battelino

Urška Battelino, born on October 30th 1970, in Ljubljana, is a psychoanalytical psychotherapist managing a private clinic for individuals, couples and groups. She graduated from the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, completed her specialisation in psychoanalysis with Janko Bohak, MSc and her supervised work experience with Branko Franzl, MSc and Emil Benedik, PhD

Participants' comments

SECOND MEETING: 26. March 2012

Topic of the meeting: »Tools for the development of intuition«

Moderator of the event dr. Neja Zupan
dr. Neja Zupan shared with us some insights on intuition: "Intuition is the vibration of the things that are true" ...
"Intuition is detected by the silence in your head and relation of the body" ...
"We must learn to silence the mind and relax the body"...

THIRD MEETING: 23. April 2012

Topic of the meeting: »The model of empirical lerning based on intuition«

Moderator of the event Vesna Kovačič M.Sc and Marta Licardo M.Sc

Moderators Vesna Kovacic M.Sc and Marta Licardo M.Sc will present the model of experiential learning of theory U, which balances the use of intuition knowledge and awareness.

FOURTH MEETING: 14. May 2012

Topic of the meeting: »InCo discussion about intuitive management«
Location: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana

Short description:
Violeta Bulc, coordinator of InCo movement, presented findings and her experiences on intuition in global business community (intuitive leadership, intuitive product development). The relevance of the intuition in the academic sphere was be presented through review of relevant scientific research. The conference concluded with a round table where managers and economists will share their experiences of using intuition as a managerial tool.

FIFTH MEETING: 5. June 2012

Topic of the meeting: »Fico Ballet - Development and use of intuition through movement and perception of space«
Location: Ljubljana Puppet Theatre / Stage under the stars

16.00 - 19.30: Goran Bogdanovski, Dejan Srhoj, Violeta Bulc (slo) / Network and Intuition (open training and discussion)
20.00 - 22.00: Contact jam session

Photos from Network and intuition

he previous four meetings were organized to understand the different dimensions of intuition. At this meeting we will try to make more sense with practical exercises under the guidance of two world-class ballet dancers. The event will be organized in the form of training, where we will use simple tools of improvisation to discover different paths of intuition.

SIXTH MEETING: 31. August 2012

Topic of the meeting: »New methods/tools for development of intuition«
An afternoon event of socializing and training: Empirical experience of different techniques
Location: Center of live natural healing energy Tunjice - Kamnik

15:00 to 16:00: Relaxation in Tunjice
16:00 onwards: New methods / tools for developing intuition

Moderators: Andrej A. Chiaiutta and Julijana Zimic

SEVENTH MEETING: 17. September 2012

Topic of the meeting: »Developing the intuition with the help of trees«
Meeting Location: Park Tivoli
Moderator: Jaka Šubic

Participants will meet in Tivoli forest in Ljubljana, and with the help of nature try to discover new dimensions of intuition.

EIGHTH MEETING: 23. October 2012

Topic of the meeting: »Intuition in the light of spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner«
Moderator: Mohor Demšar

Moderator Mohor Demšar M.Sc will help us answer the questions: What is the physical, mental and spiritual constitution of modern man? What is going on with the human life before birth and after death? How is human development through cultural epoch associated with the development of the individual? What are the terms intuition, inspiration and imagination tied on?

NINTH MEETING: 19. November 2012

Topic of the meeting: »Wondering instead of decision-making«
Moderator: prof. dr. Urban Kordeš

The purpose of the event is "to observe beliefs underpinning our daily relationship to the world, and, perhaps just for a moment, put them in parenthesis. And look how the world looks in this new perspective."

FINAL INCO MEETING: 10. December 2012

The purpose of the final InCo meeting is to conclude the InCo intuition 2012 year with a summary of what we learned this year in the form of an open dialogue with all participants, creating an intuitive joint press release and set the directions and agenda for the coming year 2013.

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