InCo Gov

InCo Gov is the initiative for the promotion of innovation and innovation communication in the state, and state institutions. It originates from the belief the state plays a leading role in establishing innovation within society, for its strategic policies, measures and initiatives enable all to strengthen their creative potentials and thus contribute widely to society as a whole.

The initiative motivates State Representatives to promote the innovation through establishing the rules for policy makers, measures and activities.


  • encouraging more active role of the state in the promotion of innovation as the primer of well-fare and sustainable development,
  • promoting the role of innovation and personal creative potentials among the residents of local community,
  • establishing cooperation among stakeholders on projects financed by state,
  • stimulating the financial resources for efficient development of the creativity and innovation of individual stakeholders,
  • improving the communication about innovative, and successful stories in the state,
  • raising awareness about innovation among employees in the state administration,
  • promoting Slovenia as a good example of innovation encouragement in and by the state.

Ways of the implementation of the initiative:
  • educational workshops for the representatives of state, about innovation and innovation processes in the organizations,
  • presentation of the tools for encouraging the innovation in the state at different events,
  • promotion of successful cases of innovation and cooperation on the state level through different channels (articles, lectures. etc.),
  • active cooperation in European, and global networks for the development of innovation journalism, and additionally an innovotive state.