InCo Ba

InCo Ba is a program for raising awareness about the importance of innovation and communication at university level. It is primarily directed at students, but also encourages cooperation of the designers of study programs (professors, assistants, mentors, researchers,...).

Promoting open and creative thinking, and active student involvement, are among the most important steps towards development of an innovative society. Students must be interested in the new, the different and the progressive. One of the ways of introducing them to such topics is by acquainting them with successful stories about innovation, by awakening their awareness about their own skills and by elevating their knowledge about innovation processes. We also need to raise awareness among professors and the academic world in general.


  • Systematic introduction to Slovenian higher education institutions, and their students about the basis of innovation, and aninnovative society; about understanding the significance of innovation in generating added value;
  • Increasing interest for participation in any of the many different forms of innovation;
  • Supporting the development of communication skills of students in the areas of innovation.

Ways of implementation of the program:
  • Organization of the national competition for best student contributions on the topic of innovation called “InJo Awards” (special contest and a system of awards for the best student contributions, organised and sponsored by LUI - Ljubljana University Incubator),
  • Introduction of the significance of innovation, and the innovation communication concept within the scope of existing programmes at Slovenian higher education institutions (guest lectures, seminars, etc.),
  • Inclusion of the concept as a study course within a regular or optional study programme (cooperation with DOBA Faculty),
  • Presentations of the concept, activities and awards within the scope of the programme at existing events related to the student population,
  • Co-organization of the annual conference on encouraging creativity and innovation in higher educational systems (cooperation with DOBA Faculty).