InCo Art

InCo Art is the initiative for the promotion of innovation communication among artists and the creative world.
The initiatives derives from the belief that artists and different representatives of the creative realm provide an environment which activates our senses, emotions, and stimulates lateral thinking. Their creativity and their different nature encourage our boldness and break down taboos and traditional inflexible thinking, as well as our perceptions of ourselves and of people around us. At the same time, they open new ways of expression and communication originating from various fields of art and creative industry (writing, photography, multimedia, design, architecture, painting, music, etc.).


  • raising awarenes about the importance of the arts and creative industry in stimulating creativity and innovation,
  • encouraging interstructural cooperation between artists and others stakeholders,
  • encouraging communication with the successful and innovative projects of artists and creative industry,
  • promoting successful Slovenian artists at national and global level.

Ways of the implementation of the initiative:

  • national competitions for best student contributions on the topic of innovation, called the “InJo Awards” (four categories: written contribution, photography, painting, multimedia contribution - jury consist of various artists)
  • promotion of succesful Slovenian scientist to the national and global public through different media and personal presentations,
  • cooperation at workshops and lectures on the topic ofhow to encourage an individual's creativity.