Impressions on InCo movement

MSc Violeta Bulc, Vibacom, initiator and coordinator of the InCo movement:
Violeta Bulc
The InCo movement is a business-civil initiative resulting from the need for faster and more effective transition of Slovenian society from the models of productivity and quality into the modern models of creating added value based on creativity and innovation. At the same time, it is a response to probably the weakest links in the innovation model, i.e. innovation communication and innovative Communication. It is reinforced with the belief that the civil society should be more involved in the key topics of economic and political development and transfer them from mere rhetoric into practice in the most effective way.

Dr Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia, honorary speaker and supporter
of the InCo Conference 2009 2009

Danilo TurkI see this movement as a process that generates and enables innovation. It is a process based in the civil society. With respect to the civil society, we must admit that the mobilisation of the civil society in Slovenia at present is inadequate and that the activities of the civil society are underdeveloped if compared to other comparable European countries../.../ i am confident we have enough of such wisdom in Slovenia and that your movement and other movements similar to innovation communication will help establish the necessary networks in our society and the necessary networks and bridges between exceptional individuals and organisations from different fields. We must overcome established patterns and demonstrate innovativeness in creating new and fresh social and business models, adapted to our time and environment and based on the fundamental values,
such as work and solidarity.

MSc. Blaž Kavčič, predsednik Državnega sveta Republike Slovenije:
blaz-kavcic.jpgCivil society is in fact due to its reach diversity a starting point, pool for new ideas, innventions; and enables surpluses in idea which are interconnected and produce innovations which are presenting new potentials for the society.

dr. David Nordfors, VINNOVA Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism, utemeljitelj InJo koncepta:
david-nordfors.jpgInCo gibanje je osrednjega pomena. Je gibanje, ki združuje različne deležnike, kar je na področju inovacijskega gospodarstva ključno. Bistvo inovacije je združevanje različnih sposobnosti in skupin deležnikov pri ustvarjanju in uvajanju nove vrednosti v družbi. Zadrževanje razprave o inovaciji v okviru lastne skupine, na primer novinarjev, oziroma odločitev, da se o inovaciji ne obvesti ostalih vpletenih, ima nasproten učinek od želenega. Ključ do inovacije je v komunikaciji. In ključ do inovacije v komunikaciji je prav tako komunikacija – in ne le med komunikatorji. Zato je InCo gibanje izredno pomembna pobuda, saj predstavlja najsodobnejši pristop k razvijanju sposobnosti uvajanja novosti v družbi. Slovenska pobuda kaže nov pristop, iz katerega se lahko vsi veliko naučimo.

Tatjana Fink, MBA, General Manager, Trimo, speaker at the InCo Conference 2009,
supporter of the InCo movement:

Tatjana FinkWe first started discussing the idea of innovation journalism and communication four years ago. When Violeta Bulc first introduced it to Slovenian space we found it an interesting but rather inarticulate story for we were uncertain what we could really gain from it. We believed we needed to enhance the innovative potential of the Slovenian space and that it would require integration and communication. Today, after four years, the projects of innovation journalism and communication have been transformed into the InCo movement. An image once unclear is crystallising and the project results are demonstrating positive effects. The purpose of the movement and the role of each stakeholder in the movement are clear. How important a role each individual will play in creating
innovative breakthroughs in society depends entirely on their interest and energy.

Wilfried Ruetten, Director, European Journalism Centre, coorganiser of the Stanford after
Stanford 2009 conference:

wilfried-ruetten.jpg There seem to be different speeds within European countries as far as issues of innovation are concerned. Actors in some countries seem to embrace the concept quicker than in others. So credit must go to Slovenia, along with Estonia, Sweden and Finland, to be in
the lead on this and to understand the urgency of the issue.

Aleksandra Gradišek, Development Centre Litija, partner in the InCo movement:
aleksandra-gradisek.jpg Since its beginnings, the initiatives of the InCo movement have been a breath of fresh air in the development of local communities for they have raised awareness about the significance of integrating different actors in the local community and stressed the active role of communication based on constructive dialogue. Such raising of awareness also helped the Development Centre Litija for we initially lacked awareness of the importance of communication with the environment we operate in within the framework of the Srce Slovenije (Heart of Slovenia) region.

Sonja Šmuc, Managers' Association of Slovenia, partner in the InCo movement:
sonja-smuc.jpgSometimes the environment that surrounds us gives birth to initiatives that quickly outgrow the initial idea and develop into a comprehensive movement. InCo is a movement that
delights with its positive force and the desire to replace bad patterns with innovative, different, fresh and socially beneficial approaches – not only in the media, but also in the communication of companies with their stakeholders. The movement has an incredible ability of interconnecting exceptional individuals from all areas; therefore, the Managers' Association of Slovenia is proud to be able to
contribute all it can to spreading this energy.

Tevž Korent, co-creator of InCo movement:
tevz-korent.jpgWhenever I think of the InCo movement I recall a though I have recently read:
Where are we? Here!
What time is it? Now!
What are we? This moment!
The strength of the movement is in the fact that it never imposes their own answers. Instead, it consistently encourages us to seek the answers within ourselves where we can find everything we need.

MSc Sonja Klopčič, Trimo, partner in the InCo movement in 008 and 2009:
sonja-klopcic.jpgThe initiatives of the InCo movement have brought integration and a space for an open encounter of opinions and ideas. It spreads the idea of innovation to all areas of the society. The InCo Conference enriched its participants with an experience of co-creation, for the process enabled them to experience team strength without the struggle for domination and with each participant wanting only to contribute their best. The movement elevates the collective consciousness of the importance of
integration and co-creation in achieving innovation.

MSc Ladeja Godina Košir, ambassador of the InCo movement:
ladeja-godina-kosir.jpgThe need for implementation of InCo in practice arose simply because
of the need for dialogue. It might sound surprising, but among the different stakeholders operating within different disciplines and fields and consequently speaking different ‘languages’ there is a lack of opportunity and ability for two-way communication. For the active dialogue, in which the participants are heard, understood, and consequently motivated for constructive co-creation of new, fresh, interdisciplinary solutions. I recognise the mission of innovation communication in establishing
communication bridges among different disciplines, generations, environments, etc. Effective and responsible communication is the bonding tissue that connects and enhances, as well as opens safe spaces for encountering and acknowledging diversity, and for activation of creativity and innovation. We are interdependent and in our interdependency we seek methods and forms for joint co-creation which will lead to a creative, ethical and wise society. As ambassadors of the InCo movement we can
accelerate such progress through awareness-based actions (in professional and personal lives) each and every day.

Dr Metka Stare, Faculty of Social Sciences, member of the InCo movement
metka-stare.jpgI was impressed with the InCo Conference 2009 and the positive views of its participants regarding internetwork cooperation. They have shown openness to cooperation between
partners from various fields, with different views. In the future, representatives of the public administration need to be more actively involved as an important actor in networking. The public-private partnerships can serve as a good platform for innovative cooperation between partners for such partnerships result in mutual familiarity and trust, which are very important elements in resolving issues.

MSc Vida Ogorelec Wagner, Umanotera, partner in the InCo movement
vida-ogorelec.jpgThe InCo movement is very interesting because it does not merely
speak about innovation, it lives it. The present crisis is clearly showing us that social and communication innovation are even more necessary than technological innovation. The environmental crisis is an example of relying to heavily on technological solutions, which will be important but will not be sufficient. It is in this respect that I have great expectations from InCo.

Jasna Dominko Baloh, DOBA, partner in the InCo movement:
jasna-dominko-baloh.jpgThe Slovenian InCo movement, initiated by Vibacom, represents a great contribution to our environment in the field of innovation for it raises awareness about the
significance of innovation in all areas of society. We would like to congratulate the company for
the successes achieved with the movement.

Bojan Brecelj, PROJA, partner in the InCo movement
bojan-brecelj.jpgI identify with the InCo movement primarily because it is realistic and future oriented. Who is behind it, who creates it, who thinks, who raises awareness about creativity, who drafts programmes, organises awards and publications? It is a select female team – Violeta, Mojca, Estera and Ladeja – resulting in an original balance of the female principle as an integration-oriented approach to life which demonstrates that the future is in open cooperation and sensitivity; it is the synergy principle (concord, unity and integration are the ideas of the movement that supplements entropy with syntropy) leading to unlimited overachievement. In addition to the concepts it introduces, InCo reminds me that many women have absolute command of the »male world«; it also gives men an opportunity to learn from the ‘female qualities’.

Dr Borut Likar, Faculty of Management Koper, Institute for Innovation and Technology,
partner in the InCo movement in 2009:

borut-likar.jpgInCo movement… when you become aware you alone are not capable of everything, you become capable of more.

Snježana Muzica, Ekvival, member of the InCo movement:
snjezana-muzica.jpgI see the initiatives of the InCo movement as a fresh wave in Slovenian space and I hope it will touch many people and enable the necessary shift in their minds. We are, as if wrapped in wadding, unaware of the tectonic shifts in the search for new business models taking place in the world where the diverse human resources are used in seeking of methods for survival in this harshly competitive world. If the movement’s approaches are multi-layered, it will have great chances to sow the seed of growth and prosperity which originates from creative thinking, which in
turn requires a creative environment.

Tonja Blatnik, Managers'Association of Slovenia, cocreator of InCo movement:
tonja-blatnik.jpgThe InCo initiative’s InCo Conference highlighted the well-known yet often forgotten wisdom that society works best when following the principle of a parachute: when open, it works optimally. An open society is the precondition for promoting active interstructural dialogue and development of tools for sustainable development of the society – the central philosophy of the
InCo movement. Furthermore, the InCo movement has brought a breath of fresh air to Slovenia, upsetting slightly the heavy air suffocating us because of the thinness of our ranks. However, this thinness can be an advantage in times of crisis for we can develop a laboratory-like society. Such a model enables moderate experimentation – what is successful can be reproduced, while what fails will not infect the entire system.

Dr Marta Svoljšak, Petrol, member of the InCo movement:
marta-svoljsak.jpgThe InCo movement represents a systemic conceptualisation of creativity, an open space for everyone who wants to be actively involved. I propose upgrading the movement
with a mobile presentation of its activities using an environmentally friendly, sustainable means of transport.

MSc Natalija Postružnik, Member of the Public Relations Society of Slovenia – PRSS (partner in
the InCo movement and InJo Award in the category of internal media):

natalija-postruznik.jpgInnovation for innovation’s sake is pointless. Therefore, the PRSS
is very selective when choosing which projects to support. Following a review of activities, endeavours and the inclusion and interconnection of experts, individuals and the public (schools, science, government, etc.) implemented by the InCo movement, we assessed that this is a project that requires an active presence of communication management (= public relations) professionals as well. We are the main operators of communication; or at least we are supposed to be. It is therefore beneficial and appropriate we become a ‘tool’ in the hands of the movement; to raise awareness, connect, open and point out…, to create a critical mass of people, the snowball effect to carry the sleepy Slovenian space, and open doors to an innovative breeze. And this is exactly what InCo brings to Slovenia: an innovative breeze.

MSc Mateja Geder, Doba College, partner in the InCo movement:
mateja-geder.jpgWe believe that the InCo movement has brought an increased awareness about innovations and innovativeness to Slovenian space and influenced the media to write
more about these topics. Particularly, we believe that the InCo movement has significantly contributed and accelerated the development of writing about innovation in the electronic media, including the latest tools, such as blogs. As an innovative school, we are in favour of using new media for promotion and development of knowledge and innovation, and are proud to be able to contribute to the InCo movement as partners in raising awareness about the significance of innovation.

Andreja Križnič, Proaktiv, member of the InCo movement:
andreja-krizanic.jpgI see the InCo initiative as a movement whose proactive activities awaken, raise awareness and connect the operators of innovation development in Slovenian space. Most importantly, the systemic approach of the InCo movement increases the understanding that innovation is not an abstract subject reserved exclusively for scientists; it is a new way of thinking and joint action of individuals, organisations, the broader environment, etc. The InCo movement has the correct focus which will become more evident when a critical mass is reached. It can be reached by active participation of members and integration of InCo movement’s activities, such as InCo Jr. workshops, into the regular activities performed within participating organisations.

Dr Janez Bešter, Head of the Laboratory for Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, member of the InCo movement:
janez-bester.jpgEncouraging creativity and owninitiative, and promoting of innovative technologies among the younger generations, who participate in the shaping of our future, is extremely important. In the shaping of an innovative society, the InCo movement is certainly an important, indispensable agent who through its activities brings awareness to Slovenian space about the importance of innovation communication for sustainable development and an innovative breakthrough of Slovenia.
I see an opportunity for complementing its activities with the activities of the OpenLab, a project by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University in Ljubljana, aimed at providing the young people in the Gorenjska region with a stimulating environment and at promoting the generation of interdisciplinary knowledge and skilled human resources for globally successful companies. In
our advanced open facilities in proximity of educational institutions and youth communities, the youth can spend their spare time participating in innovative projects and ideas. In cooperation with successful companies, we endeavour to offer the youth new opportunities and enable them access to new knowledge. Initiatives, such as the InCo movement, can contribute to our efforts with new synergies and thereby co-create successful stories of our younger generations.

Živa Gorup Reichmann, Hermes Softlab, participant at several events within the InCo

ziva-gorup-reichmann.jpgThe InCo movement places innovation in a different role than
the usual. It strips it of its fashionable appeal and provides a network of connections that are not only talking about innovation but also living it in the manner that makes us most successful. Special importance is given to working with the youth, who through personal experience acquaint themselves with innovation as something interesting and become aware that different ways of thinking can be positive.

Lado Jakša, independent artist, member of the InCo movement:
lado-portret.jpgI would like to congratulate to the entire ‘innovative’ team for the successful and creative
implementation of the project that is in my opinion very important for it brings to our space the idea of innovation as a creative, moral, social, cultural, artistic and spiritual value. This approach is necessary at all levels of education and ‘being’ for it encourages a conscious and contemplative approach to life and the formation of ethical and ‘ecological’ relationships with ourselves, others and the environment.
Such a method of encouraging inspiration and creative thinking about the essence of our coexistence is extremely valuable and absolutely necessary in these superficial times of digital haste, overall inflation of mediocrity and trendy templates of hollow external glamour. It should replace the factographical amassing of information and become an essential part of pedagogic subjects at all levels of education.

Vesna Petkovšek, Gorenje, recipient of the award for the best article about innovation in
internal publications in 2007 and award recipient in 2008 and 2009:

vesna-petkovsek.jpgI see the InCo initiative as an endeavour to open perspectives, thinking, practices, approaches and relationships and to interweave the different dimensions and spheres of the society with the aim of elevating the innovative sprit in Slovenian space. Perhaps it needs a clearer focus and more tangible goals, but I am certain they will be formed with the expansion of the movement.

Bogo Seme, Hedoni, member of the InCo movement:
bogo-seme.jpgThe InCo movement is a positive wave that was created from Violeta’s exceptional energy literally ‘in the clouds’, but has now been implemented for the benefit of Slovenia and the world. I hope others who have significantly contributed to this story will not mind me saying that the key wave of enrichment came from Violeta, Ladeja, Mojca and Estera. An example of the movement's synchronisation with nature is that its actualisation took place in the Heart of Slovenia on the St. Gregory’s day, the day when the birds sing love.