InCo movement, InCo movement future focus, Ljubljana, 10.6.2013

In the beginning of June 2013 InCo movement organized the 5th InCo event titled "InCo movement future focus." The purpose of the event was to unify the idea of what InCo movement is and how to collectively develop ourselves. We looked at the achievements of InCo movement in the recent 5 months, discussed new opportunities (satellites and partnerships) and networked in a relaxed pre-summer spirit.

The first awards of the Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme announced, The European Journalism Centre

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is thrilled to announce the first winners of the Innovation in Development Reporting (IDR) Grant Programme.
Sixteen remarkable projects will be awarded a combined total of more than 300.000 Euros in funding to innovate global development narratives and bring to the public new journalistic storytelling around the Millennium Development Goals. The awarded projects have received endorsement from significant media outlets located in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Funded topics will focus on issues such as: land grabbing in Africa, health recovery of Rwanda, refugee situations in Ethiopia, European cash flows in Kenya, the digital divide, the future of the world food markets, mapping of Official Development Funds, visualising development data, etc. Click here to see the winners

Inco movement, Intuition - the power of consciousness, Ljubljana, 13.5.2013

Inco movement organized the 4th InCo event this year on the topic of intuition - the power of consciousness. The event was moderated by Darja Cvek Mihajlovic, professor at the Spiritual University. Event stressed the importance of esoteric perspective and showed the esoteric view of intuition, the sixth feeling and much more.

Inspiration through intuition, Violeta`s blog, May 2013

May`s Aktualno 2.0 talks about experiences gathered over the past few weeks which can help you: when making decisions about your education and training; when considering ideas you wake up with in the morning, or ideas coming to you on a walk, or in a meeting with your business partners; when your view differs from everything you have heard so far; when you cannot understand why others cannot understand your view.

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