InCo movement, Congratulations to Vibacom, April 2014

Congratulations to Vibacom for 14 years of creating business stories.

Aktualno 2.0, Alchemy of Leadership and Organisation, 19.3.2014

In the era of innovation, leadership, wisdom and knowledge have been seriously challenged in its content, structure and mission. Where to learn from the new competences? Can we just improve the old ones or do we need to make a paradigm shift? March's Aktualno 2.0 talks about Alchemy of Leadership and Organisation through an interview with Dirk Oellibrandt (the moderator of the 3rd InCo event).

InCo movement, Do we know how to think systemically about food?, 3.10.2014

InCo movement organized the second InCo event of this year entitled "Do we know how to think systemically about food? Do we know how to use intuition when eating? ". The event was moderated by Tatjana Kruder. The purpose of the event was to identify the individual’s needs, the degree of satisfaction of needs; and to place food in our own "world of quality" with a desire to stimulate curiosity, critical thinking and introspection.

The forthcoming InCo events of this year are available at InCo systemic approaches webpage.

InCo movement, 2nd meeting of the Governing Board, Ljubljana, 24.02.2014

The second meeting of the Governing Board of InCo movement took place at the end of February. The purpose of the meeting was to define the structure and content of the experiential InCo conference. Members of the Governing Board defined the purpose, steps and stages of the conference and identified potential promoters and coordinators of the nodes.

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