InCo movement, Creative power of local communities, Violeta`s blog, 29.3.2013

Violeta`s blog talks about the 3rd InLoCom conference 2013 – conference on innovative local communities. The conference highlighted the following key topics: the role and importance of innovative local communities, cross-generational cooperation, tourism, innovative entrepreneurship, local self-sufficiency, energy production, spatial development and responsible innovation. However, all participants also felt something else. Something beyond the usual experience of a formal event. The entire gathering was imbued with the dedication of the participants, with the dimension of natural and cultural heritage of the local environment and original insights pointing in the direction modern society should develop.

InCo movement, InLoCom conference 2013, Ivančna Gorica, 21.3.2013

Two years have passed by and InCo movement in collaboration with the development partnership of the Heart of Slovenia organized the 3rd InLoCom Conference - Conference on Innovative local communities. The conference aims to encourage innovative practices of local communities and recognition of the innovative potentials of Slovenia. Additionally, award ceremony for innovative projects at the local community for the period 2012/2013 was organized at the conference (photos from the conference).

The conference was held on 21.03.2013 from 12.00 to 18.00 in the Krka Social Centre, Ivančna Gorica.

InCo movement, Go to the garden and think permacultural, Ljubljana, 15.3.2013

InCo movement organized 2nd InCo event in this year entitled »Go to the garden and think permacultural«. The event presented: What should be considered in the preparation of the garden, its energy balance? Which plants are a natural complement and cooperate effectively in the garden? How can we best exploit the natural flows (the movement of the sun, relief, water flows)? This and much more ...

InCo movement, Gamma healing, Ljubljana, 7.3.2013

InCo movement organized first InCo – intuition event of this year. The event was moderated by Chris Walton, renowned British psychologist. Chris describes Gamma healing as »a system of mindset change and consciousness development. The foundation of Gamma Healing is being able to activate the Gamma state in the brain. This creates a peak state of consciousness and coherency of the brain, mind and body and is the best state to program in new information into every cell of the body. The Gamma state also retrains the emotional brain telling it to be quiet. This means you know longer have those outdated emotional stress reactions. You can read more about Chris Walton, his thinking and Gamma healing in his interview New tools for personal growth in Aktualno 2.0.

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