Basic info

InCo framework

Mission of InCo movement: Co-creation of the curating conditions and the space for development of a thriving planet.

Guidelines of the InCo movement:
  • Perception of weak signals, which lead to the flourishing of individuals, groups and structures.
  • A systematic approach to the development of new models through integration of proprietors of diverse knowledge, experiences and intuitive insights.
  • Systematic communication of insights into the room.

InCo movement from 2012 on (on the level of intuition):

Mission of InCo movement: "Inco movement is a pool of creative flashes."

Mission (on the level of intuition):
  • To understand the relationship of Slovenian space to intuition
  • To develop language for demystification of intuition and its everyday use in the business world
  • To identify tools and business skills for developing intuition

  • Intuition and logic – two conscious tools for the right decisions

  • To develop business model of leadership and innovation, which includes intuition as a tool alongside the equivalent logic
  • Intuition as a conscious tool for creating value and prosperity in the Slovenian (business) space

InCo movement from 2006 to 2012 (on the level of innovation):

The InCo movement is a movement for an innovative breakthrough whose aim is to promote active interstructural dialogue and development of tools for sustainable development of an innovative society. InCo is an acronym of innovation communication which has grown from a concept into a movement connecting various stakeholders in society.

The InCo movement is a case of social innovation which by its uniqueness gives an important impulse in local and global space and shows the ways of future acting of civil society.

InCo – an internationally established movement for an innovative breakthrough of Slovenia.

Promoting active interstructural dialogue and development of tools for sustainable development of an innovative society.

  • Tolerance
  • Creative dialogue
  • Courage
  • Empathy
  • Development

Aims of the movement until 2020
  • 10% of the population actively involved in the InCo movement
  • 500 schools involved in the InCo movement
  • 6 different awards for innovation journalism
  • 5 published publications
  • 3 annual events at the national level
  • transfer of the InCo model into at least 3 countries

The InCo movement is a result of a business-civil initiative initiated by Vibacom, the company which also coordinates the movement. The movement consists of members (individuals) who embody the story and the values of the movement and who are interested in activities within the scope of the movement’s pursuits, partners (organisations) who contribute content within the movement’s individual projects and co-create an innovative society, and sponsors (organisations) of individual projects. The movement’s principles are cocreated by all participants and supporters within the InCo movement, as well as within partnerships and contextually related initiatives.